About Me

I am a law student, and I work full time.  I am a wife - and mom to a guinea pig, 6 chickens, a hermit crab and a dog.

Hobbies and interests (in no order):  reading, gardening, camping, running, caring for my pets, cooking, sleeping, eating, shopping, yoga, writing, photography, walking, genealogy.  Some of these hobbies I spend more time on than others.

I love coffee and I love spring.  I'm having a lot of fun designing this blog -- getting ideas from other blogs and learning a little about HTML.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  Visit again soon.


I participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program and may receive small compensations for any items purchased from them via this website. I would not promote or recommend a product that I do not believe in.

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Talat Ali said...

How to add left side facebook like button, google like button u can show me link??

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