Saturday, August 6, 2016

Thinking of a dog name....

Hi, nice to meet all of you!  My shelter name is Akiko (ah-KEY-co) and I have a new family!
Animal Rescue ProjectAnimal Rescue Project

My mom picked me up yesterday from Animal Rescue Project in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

I'm a Jack Russell Terrier Mix.  I have a lot of Jack Russell in me - and I'm hyper!

The vet says I'm 3 years old - but I forgot when my actual birthday is.

I love my new mom and dad and want to follow them around everywhere!  When I have to go in my kennel all by myself, I scream and screech!  I don't know how to bark, I just screech!  My mom thinks it sounds like nails on a chalkboard but I'm not sure what that means.

I've been at my new family's house for less than 24 hours but here's my favorite activities:

  • following my new mom around close to her feet. 
  • going for walks every hour.  I go potty outside and mom says I'm a good girl.
  • sleeping on my new dog bed, although I can't ever seem to get the blanket right no matter how much I drag it around my bed.
  • sitting on my mom's lap.  Yesterday she went outside to read a book and I stayed on her lap the entire time.  I love her!
  • chasing after chipmunks and deer.  Except for that darn leash.
My new Mom and Dad have a hard time saying my name correctly, and said they're going to give me a new name.  Some favorites are:
- Daisy
- Chili
- Millie
I don't care what they call me as long as I'm right by their side.  
famous Jack Russell Terriers - from Frasier

famous Jack Russell Terriers - from RCA


Jackie said...

Do you know how old she is? She could be part basenji and may not be full grown. That could be why she makes weird sounds.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, you could just shorten it to Key-co. My in laws have had Jack Russells for about 25 or more years. They are a happy and active breed for sure. I love dogs and I can see you love you new pooch. Congratulations on finding a new friend.
xx, Carol

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