Sunday, February 28, 2016

Are we below the average snowfall for the season?

This past week we had about 10 inches of snow fall in lower Michigan.  The good news - it should melt in the next few days because the temperature is going to be about 50 degrees.  

This winter has been a decent one - not a lot of snow has fallen  - our area is quit a bit below average.  As of today, the weather almanac lists for snow fall for our area:
Prev. Year75.0"
Normal Season64.8"
Change Season-23.6"
So a normal season of snow through the end of February is about 65 inches.  We've only had 41 inches this year so far.

Of course, it's still February.  We have another month of winter to get through.  

I keep looking for bluebirds.  I see today that a sparrow is checking out the bluebird box so time to get the "sparrow spookers" installed.  

Took some pics of "the big snow" from earlier this week.

Driving down my driveway - headed to work

The snow can be pretty - especially if it melts right away
street view
I've been thinking about what I'll be planting in my garden this year.  Tomatoes, squash, lettuce, carrots (Snickers says yes).

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