Sunday, January 17, 2016

Getting through January

How has your January been?  I have to say that January is probably my least favorite month --- plain and simple, IT'S FREEZING! (click if you want to see the forecast)  Today it's about 15 F and it's windy which means it feels more like 5 F.

Fortunately there's not much snow on the ground - just a few inches.  

Snickers and I are staying in today - enjoying a fire in the fireplace, catching up on studying and laundry.  Getting ready for the week.

How was your week?

I had an appointment downtown this past week and in the multi-level parking garage was something I've never seen before -- a tear off sheet you can take with you reminding you of where you parked. GREAT idea I think.  I have enough things to remember let alone the exact spot I parked.  

Chickens are doing fine in the cold - although they don't like snow or ice on their feet so they tend to stay in the coop even when given the option to come out and free range.  And they like to sleep in a pile.

Egg production tends to slow down in winter, although I've added a few hours of supplemental light (from rope lights) inside the coop and that seems to have helped.  Our 6 girls are giving us about 4 eggs a day.  Pretty good.  I made egg salad today (eggs, mayo on bread).  Easy and tasty.
A discussion about adding light to the chicken coop in the winter is here.

Well, back to studying.  Fortunately I have 6 months until the Bar Exam, not 3.
Hilarious for future bar exam takers:

Have a Great Week!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Outside my Window Today - Unlikely Friends

What's outside my window today - a pair of mute swans, their 2 babies and 

A tag-along.  

A fifth wheel.
A lone trumpeter swan!

This trumpeter swan has been around for many months; just him.  When the mute swan babies were little (click here for the adorable pics on my prior post) the adult mute swans would chase poor "Trumpie" like crazy because they were so protective of their young.  Now that the two

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