Saturday, December 5, 2015

Chickens! Get Outa There!

My posts sometimes are sporadic.  You see, I'm going to law school - and I'm starting to study for the bar exam which is in July 2016.  Thankfully, it's still 2015... so I've got lots of time (errrr....).

I love taking a break to go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine.  Whether it's walking around in the woods, looking for nature (like this owl), or letting the chickens out to free range, I love nature!

Our chickens free range for an hour or two a day.  Sometimes they go straight for the woods.
Naughty chickens like to peck around the leaves looking for worms and bugs.  Problem is, we have
coyote (and probably fox too).
At night you can hear the coyote howling.  I saw one on our property once.

Come on chickens - get out of the woods!

Who me?


Grantham Lynn said...

Like the last one! Who me? I hope they are careful! I enjoyed your post.
Thanks for coming over. I didn't get a good shot of Daisy she had a wonderful time.
I know what you mean. She is 14. When we got back she had a hard time getting up the stairs. I need to take her on longer walks I think to keep her moving.
Maybe you can treat yourself to a puppy when you pass the bar!
Have a great week.

Anni said...

Awwww, I know it's part of nature to even think of losing a chicken to a coyote in the woodlands...but still.

Great photos of the wanderers!!!

CountryCityCindy said...

I definitely have a "favorite chicken" that is very friendly- I'd hate to lose her!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Cool post. My husband was a country boy (I was the city chick). He absolutely loves Roosters and chickens. Lots of times since we have been married (44 years) he has suggested that we get chickens. (We live in a rural area). Nope...I'm not taking care of chickens. I have my limits. It's cool that you have them though. It's cute how they always run home to their coop!!
xx, Carol

Susan said...

Congrats on graduating from law school and good luck with your bar exam! Great photos!

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