Friday, November 27, 2015

What's Good at Trader Joe's?

If you are out and about this Black Friday looking for deals or getting into the gift-buying spirit, check out Trader Joe's.  We recently had one open in West Michigan and it's fun to go in there and see what treats are
available.  Trader Joe's is like a small, traditional grocery store, although I would say its items tend to be organic, and unique.  You CAN get eggs, milk, bread and other necessities there.

When ours first opened it was mobbed beyond belief and you had to fight the crowd to find anything. Not fun.  Since then, I've discovered a few treasures.

I like the fresh pizza dough (comes in a bag).  It's about $1.25 and comes in herb and wheat.  I prefer the wheat.

Cool blog I stumbled on yesterday:
What's Good at Trader Joe's?
I like how the author posts the calorie counts and nutritional information along with the product review.  (although that's a buzz kill, right?)
Here's a sample post:

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Biscotti

Before this pumpkin season is officially over, I wanted to throw a review of this biscotti out there for you. It's not new and it's not exactly a Thanksgiving-themed product, but I really wanted to take a look at it and let you all know about it because it's actually very good and it's never really had its day in the sun. It's one of those "under-the-radar" kind of products.

This stuff makes me wish I were a coffee drinker. It's so good when dunked in any kind of coffee. I mean, the biscotti sticks are perfectly delicious by themselves, but the pairing of these with coffee is absolutely scrumptious. Yes, I did go ahead and pour myself a "cuppa" or two while enjoying these biscottis because no matter how much I tried to enjoy it, they simply didn't pair up well with my usual morning sugar-free energy drinks.

It was more natural for Sonia, because she is a daily coffee drinker. And she loved them just as much as I did—maybe even more. As she observed, the pumpkin spice level in these is just about perfect. The package also mentions real pumpkin puree, which can just barely be detected by the tongue. All the flavors are well-balanced, and the textures are even better than other types of biscotti I've tried...biscotti cerealincluded. The sticks are firm and crispy, but they break apart easily enough when you go to bite a piece off. They aren't rock solid like some other varieties. Also, they're a good value at $4 for a sizable tub with nine servings.

We're pretty much in agreement about this one—except for maybe the pronunciation. She insists on saying "bis-coat-y," while I say "biz-cott-y." Not that it makes any difference. Four and a half from Sonia. Four from me.

Bottom line: 8.5 out of 10.

Trader Joes
3684 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
(616) 977-1819

If you are out and about this weekend - check it out.  I am not doing any Black Friday shopping today -
well, except for an online order from - vintage swatches available today and I like
to collect vintage Swatch watches.  
What's your favorite item from Trader Joe's?  Are you shopping this Black Friday?

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have a friend in Pasadena that LOVES Trader Joe's. I'm always jealous when she tells me about some wonderful thing she is eating that she got at TJ's. Not even the University of Notre Dame can draw TJ's to my area. Costco just came, but I haven't been there. Swatch watches were popular when my daughter was growing up and I know she had a few. I don't think there are any here lurking in a drawer, but since I have been purging stuff, if I come across one I'll remember you want it.

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