Sunday, October 18, 2015

A pet bed for Snickers a/k/a princess guinea pig

I bought my guinea pig a fluffy, overstuffed pet bed. I think she saw Pepper in his bed nearly 24/7 and got jealous (he's 16, so he has an excuse to lounge around all day, don't ya think?)
A quick order online, and a few days later THIS shows up.

So now she has her own bed too. She LOVES that thing! Can you blame her? This morning when I got up it was 26 degrees. Burr..... a good time to snuggle in. 

We taught Snickers to ring a bell for a treat (lettuce? carrots? YES PLEASE!) so she'll stay in her bed and try and ring her bell without leaving it. And she's mastered getting a drink of water from the comfort of her bed, too. 

Spoiled little thing!
So here ya go snickers. Enjoy your new bed! 

To Order the small animal pet bed (It comes in 2 sizes and I chose size large):

Petsmart is offering 20% off selected small pet habitats.  Click here: Save up to 20% select small animal habitats


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

ok, I think I have seen it all now. We had a GP for a short time when my daughter was little. I don't think it would have used a bed like this. My pet rat probably would have though. Snickers is definitely spoiled...ain't it fun!! All three of my dogs love their beds. The boxer tattles to me if the Pit is in the one the Boxer claimed as his. It's so much fun to pamper our pets.
xx, Carol

Cindy L said...

yes, love our furbabies!

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