Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Colors in West Michigan

I was out running to the grocery store (Meijer. never a quick trip, is it). It was a beautiful day. Sun shining, blue sky.

I stopped at Dutton Shadyside Park.

Dutton Shadyside is a small county park in Kent County, hidden away just outside Grand Rapids.  There's a creek, some walking trails and ball fields. The fall colors are stunning this time of year! I took some pics of the variations in colors.

In a few weeks the leaves will have fallen. The trees will be grey and bare.  It's nature's way of renewing for winter and the upcoming spring.

I hope you have a great fall weekend and can get outside and

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A pet bed for Snickers a/k/a princess guinea pig

I bought my guinea pig a fluffy, overstuffed pet bed. I think she saw Pepper in his bed nearly 24/7 and got jealous (he's 16, so he has an excuse to lounge around all day, don't ya think?)
A quick order online, and a few days later THIS shows up.

So now she has her own bed too. She LOVES that thing! Can you blame her? This morning when I got up it was 26 degrees. Burr..... a good time to snuggle in. 

We taught Snickers to ring a bell for a treat (lettuce? carrots? YES PLEASE!) so she'll stay in her bed and try and ring her bell without leaving it. And she's mastered getting a drink of water from the comfort of her bed, too. 

Spoiled little thing!
So here ya go snickers. Enjoy your new bed! 

To Order the small animal pet bed (It comes in 2 sizes and I chose size large):

Petsmart is offering 20% off selected small pet habitats.  Click here: Save up to 20% select small animal habitats

Sunday, October 11, 2015

How to Grow Basil Indoors and make a Caprese Salad

I have an old, scraggly basil plant that I've been growing indoors for several years.  She may not look pretty, but sure sure makes a great caprese salad, LOL!  Sometimes I forget to water her, but she lets me know by dropping her leaves in a sad way.

If you've never made a caprese salad, it's so easy:  get some fresh mozzarella balls and cut them up, add basil leaves in small bite-size pieces, then slice up some fresh tomatoes (you know, the ones your garden has been overflowing with all summer) and drizzle with balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Top 5 Things to Love at Ludington State Park

If you like to camp and have never been to Ludington State Park - this is a must - you need to get out there!

A couple of weeks ago Mark and I spent a few nights at Ludington State Park camping.  Although some of our friends have upgraded to campers, we actually enjoy tenting.  I've upgraded our equipment, with a giant tent and nice air mattresses.  And in the cool evenings, we have a small heater inside our tent.  No roughing it for us!

Ludington State Park is one of the largest state parks in Michigan.  I've been visiting the park ever since I was a kid. My grandpa used to salmon fish there, back when snagging salmon was legal.  Today the salmon still run in the park, although not in the numbers they used to.
My grandpa doing what he loved - Fishing at Ludington State Park!
But I can't say enough how much I love Ludington State Park!  So here's the top 5 things to love about it:

1.  Hiking - I understand there are 18 miles of varied and well-marked trails within the state park.

Ludington State Park Trail Guide Map

 2.  Biking - Ludington State Park has miles of biking trails.  There are paved bike trails between

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Planting milkweed seeds

Fall Planting Milkweed Seeds- 8 Simple Steps!

Asclepias viridis for fall planting milkweed seeds
Spider Milkweed Flowers | © Marion Doss

Why is fall planting milkweed a good idea? Exposing seeds to cool temperatures before the warmer temps of spring will cause them to break their dormancy coaxing out your new spring seedlings. It also saves you the hassle of in-home stratification.
8 Simple Steps for Fall Planting Milkweed
1. Put your seeds into a small bowl and bring out to planting area. Find seeds here if you still need to buy some.
2. Clear away any mulch or rocks from the area which could potentially block the growth of a small seedling.

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