Saturday, August 29, 2015

Butterfly Release

                       This butterfly is about ready to break out of its chrysalis.  

Time for a butterfly release!

It takes about 10 days for the butterfly to fully form in the chrysalis.  The chrysalis will appear translucent and
black and you can see the pattern of the butterfly's wings.  After the chrysalis becomes clear you know that in the next 24 hours, the butterfly will emerge.  The chrysalis on the right has about 6 days yet.
After the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, it will hang for about 2 hours until it gains strength and its wings are ready.  Then, you can let them go outside (hopefully in nice weather).

I've released about 10 monarchs this month and have about 7 more that are in various stages of forming.  Perhaps one of my babies will make it to Mexico to spend the winter!  (doesn't sound bad, does it?)


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is marvelous!! A true wonder that you were able to see up close. Well worth the effort and kindness to the Universe.

Kelly said...

...very cool, Cindy! 17 Monarchs raised and release...amazing. I hope one makes it to Mexico too! :-)

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