Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Things I like - Tree Change Dolls

I like Tree Change Dolls!  The artist takes a discarded doll, often a heavily made up Bratz doll, and changes it to match what women and more importantly, little girls, look like.

This video has gotten 14 million hits on youtube!  The artist has an etsy shop, however it is sold out most of
the time due to overwhelming response.  Often, she'll auction off a doll and give the proceeds to charity.
Her shop is here:

From the artist's website:
"What does the name Tree Change Dolls mean?

A ‘treechange’ is a term in Australia that means moving from the city to the country for a more relaxed and down to earth lifestyle. It is actually a derivation of the original term ‘seachange’ (also the name of a popular Australian TV show in the early 2000s) which meant moving from a bustling city life to a small seaside town for a more relaxed and down to earth lifestyle. When I started doing these dolls and John persuaded me to put them online we threw a few different names around but decided that Tree Change Dolls was the best fit. Seems to have stuck!"

"Toy manufacturers market Barbie dolls that wear black leather miniskirts and thigh-high boots. Bratz dolls, which are marketed to ages 6 and up, feature heavy make-up, tousled hair, fishnets, and thong underwear. 

  1. One Tasmanian mother decided to give Bratz a "makeunder". She stripped the dolls of all makeup and provided them with fresh, "natural" faces and handknit outfits. Childrens' reactions to the dolls were that the dolls now looked "their age", like "something they would actually want to play with", and that the dolls looked "much happier". " 
  2. Source:

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Elsa Meyti said...

I like it, Tree-Change dolls are fit to children

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