Friday, May 22, 2015

What's in my backyard - baby swans!

We live on a small, wild, 12 acre lake and every spring a pair of mute swans takes up residence there for the summer.  Toward the end of May they typically have a brood of babies -- some years as many as 9 babies! This year I'm counting 5 little fluffies.  
In many years there would be 6 babies, then days later only 4 babies.... not sure what gets them, maybe snapping turtles.  Two years ago, a 'toddler swan' got his foot stuck in our fence, and I had to pick him up and free his foot as his parents watched from the nearby water.  The swan parents were very patient -- perhaps they knew that I was only trying to save their baby.  
In Michigan mute swans are said to be aggressive, invasive and chase off all the native water fowl like loons and trumputer swans.  
But check out these cute pics of the new little fluffy babies!  Mom and Dad mute swan stay close to them in the water.
They're very fun to watch!

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