Saturday, May 23, 2015

The redpoll eggs hatched!

If you've been following my blog (thank you!) you knew I was watching a redpoll nest in our hanging basket on our front porch.  I put up the hanging basket early this year to try and get a pair of nesting wild birds.  A few years back we had a pair of mourning doves that raised two babies:993531_10151626691732510_242646452_n

IMG_20150415_074630That was SO much fun to watch them care for the babies and watch them grow.  I had never seen a baby mourning dove before, and watching both the mom and dad take care of them was really neat.
This year we didn't get a mourning dove to nest there, but we did get a pair of redpolls!

The mom laid 3 eggs.  A cow bird added one egg (which I discarded, nice try cow bird).

Well all 3 eggs hatched last week.  

To look into the nest I have to actually take the hanging basket down (also to water it).  What's funny (not really) is my husband will say to me, "Have you checked the nest lately?".  And I'll tell him I did it this morning.  Then he'll say he checked it an hour ago.  Poor birds are getting frequently disturbed.  My husband and I need to coordinate our check-ins.

At any rate, it's fun to watch them.  And because it's still early in the summer (thankfully!), I wonder if the redpolls will have two broods?  Our mourning doves had two.

Do you have any birds nests in your yard?

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