Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pack a Professional Punch with Your “Thank-Yous”

One of my favorite segments on late-night TV is Jimmy Fallon's thank you notes.
Jimmy Fallons thank you notes

fallon thank you notes

Fallon thank you notes
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As a law student, I've written several thank you notes recently.  I had a networking lunch with a local attorney and wrote him a thank you note the next day.  Our school hosted a meet and greet with local attorneys and judges, and I wrote several thank yous to the judges and attorneys who attended.

Some key things to remember from this article:

  • Don’t look for excuses to avoid sending thank-yous; look for opportunities to send them. 
  • Consider whether an email, a business letter, or a handwritten note is really the best approach.
  • Be sincere and professional. Every positive connection you make increases the value of your professional network.
Here's a Link to the Article:
Pack a Professional Punch with Your “Thank-Yous” | Law Student Division

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fallon bieber thank you
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