Friday, May 1, 2015

My day: mice, a snake and 15 poplar trees

Wow, what a NICE day today was!  I had today off of work, it sure felt like a Saturday, but it was only Friday!

While getting some fencing in our shed, I uncovered a baby mouse. Now, normally I don't pick up rodents I find outside (grin), but this one was so tiny.  

I found the nest in the shed (in the wheelbarrow actually), just two babies, and the momma mouse was hovering nearby cautiously watching me.  She wanted to be sure nothing happened to her family.  Honestly, they were very cute - the babies' eyes hadn't opened yet.  So I put the baby mouse down on the floor of the shed and the momma carefully took it in her mouth and quickly carried it out of the shed.  Good momma!  She did that with both babies.  So the family of mice survives.  That makes me happy.

This snake also crossed my path today.  Hard to spot in the first picture, but I got a little closer.  A Garter snake, right?! 
And Mark and I planted 15 poplar trees.  He actually got them from my dad for Christmas - but they just shipped this week. They are fast growing and the start of our wood lot.  The plan is after 10-15 years, they'll be firewood.

We get many of our seeds and starter plants at Burpee Gardening.
However, these trees are available at Amazon here: Hybrid Poplar Tree.
All-in-all it was a great day for getting outside!  I hope you had a great day too!

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Fearless Farmgirl said...

Baby mice have to be the cutest thing. Glad your momma mouse was able to take care of her babes.

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