Monday, May 18, 2015

Here's my morning -- how was yours?

So this morning I remembered that my car was on empty and the check fuel light was on.

Fine, no problem.  I can stop at the gas station on my way in.  The nearest gas station is 5 miles away.  I'll have just enough gas to get there.

I always go to Speedway.  Their Rewards program has me hooked and their prices are usually pretty good.  

So I drove immediately to the gas station.  5 miles.  Pulled in.  Stopped the car.  Got my Rewards card ready.  Pull out the credit card..... wait... pull out the credit card...

Ok, this would be an easy thing IF I HAD MY PURSE WITH ME.

So I'm at the gas station.  5 miles from my home and my check fuel light is on.

I contemplated begging the gas attendant to let me borrow a few gallons just to be sure I got home and back.  I dug through my car thinking I had stashed away a few bucks for moments like this. Nope.  (I have this now)

But I made it back home to get my purse.  Now back to the gas station.  My cell phone is ready -- just in case.  Turn off the air.  Windows up to reduce drag.  Steady speed.  Squeaking out the last few miles.  Made it back to the gas station.  With money this time!

Then this happened from a pen I have yet to find.

So how was YOUR morning?

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