Sunday, May 24, 2015

10 of the Best Chicken Names

Now that you have a new brood of baby chicks, what will you name your chickens?  Here's my pick of the 10 best chicken names:

1.  Lindsey LoHen

2.  Larry Bird

3.  Heidi Plume

4.  Eggo

5.  Dixie Chick

6.  Patty

7.  Buffy (especially fun if you have Buff Orpington's like I do)

8.  Chicklet

9.  Gregory Peck

10.  Nugget

We are calling one of our hens Houdini, as she keeps getting out of the fenced run, and we've never figured out or actually seen her do it.  Little stinker!
What is your chicken name?

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