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Fifth Third River Bank Run, May 9, 2015

Fifth Third River Bank Run!

The 2015 Fifth Third River Bank Run is coming soon May 9, 2015. The 25k race is the centerpiece race in Grand Rapids, but the event also features a 10k race, a 5k race and a 5k community walk. How far is that? Here's the breakdown:
   25k = 15.5 miles
   10k = 6.2 miles
    5k = 3.1 miles
If you are walking at a leisurely pace, the 5k community walk will take you about an hour.

Here's some tips for race day:

Parking at the Fifth Third River Bank Run:
Here's my favorite spot to park, near the arena. (Watch for construction this year however around the Arena). To get there, take 131 and get off at the downtown exit.  The bottom line is, you need to get there early. One reason for this is the first race starts at 7:00am.  So if you are driving around downtown trying to find a spot at 7:15am, then many of the streets will already be closed.  Yes, this happened to me, and I ended up turning down a street that had runners on it.  The police weren't too happy with me needless to say.  Here's a map of my favorite parking spots. Click to make it bigger.
Restrooms before you race: two words: huge line. Thankfully the lines go quickly but you don't want to be in the restroom line while the start gun sounds! Get there early. I usually allow myself 20 minutes to get through the line.

What to wear : the very best thing you can do is dress is layers. When you arrive, it will be chilly, but if you're like me, you quickly warm up. It's best to either tie the extra layer around your waist, or have a friend planted at mile 6 (which is Johnson Park) to take it from you. S3 on this map:  Some people even wear an extra layer and simply leave it at the side of the road.  If it's raining consider wearing a garbage bag.  Odd, but it works.

Packet pickup: I highly recommend picking up your packet the day before the race rather than the day of. The packet contains your race number, your shirt, and usually some other goodies to read. Save yourself time on race morning by doing this the day before.

Of course, see the official website for more information. Sadly, I am not running this year. I've run the 25k twice but my school schedule hasn't allowed me enough time to properly train. Good luck runners and walkers!

5K Run: 7:00a (staggered start)
10K Run: 7:40a (staggered start)
25K Handcycle Division: 8:15a
25K Wheelchair Racing Division: 8:16a
25K Run: 8:30a (includes 25K Relay)
5K Community Walk
: 9:00a

Blogs from the 25K Road Warriors are here:
The official parking guide is here:
If you want to register online, go here:

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