Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Try trail running with the Dirty Herd at Robinette's


Sunday, MAY 3, 2015 

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Cost: FREE

Robinette’s Apple Haus

3124 4 Mile Road NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49525

If you've never tried trail running before, this is an awesome event 
to try it out and enjoy a free DONUT!  There's a 2.5 or 5 mile course 
that winds through the beautiful orchard and surrounding trails of 
Robinette’s apple orchards and the nearby woods and at the end 
enjoy a complimentary DONUT! and glass of cider.  The run starts 
at 6pm, so arrive by 5:30 to check in. 
I've run the trails at Robinette's a few times.  They ARE challenging - narrow, hilly.  But the Dirty Herd Spring Classic is an event that HUNDREDS of people attend -- so it's a lot of fun!  And don't worry if you have to walk some of it - it's not a race.  

Monday, April 27, 2015

Skin Cancer -- Get Screened for Free at Spectrum Health

I have a few moles, and several years ago 2 were tested for skin cancer.  Thankfully, they were just harmless skin lesions.
On Tuesday, May 5, 2015 several Spectrum Health locations in Grand Rapids and Holland are offering free skin cancer screenings from 4pm - 6:30pm.  No appointments are needed—just walk in. Locations offering this free screening are:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fifth Third River Bank Run, May 9, 2015

Fifth Third River Bank Run!

The 2015 Fifth Third River Bank Run is coming soon May 9, 2015. The 25k race is the centerpiece race in Grand Rapids, but the event also features a 10k race, a 5k race and a 5k community walk. How far is that? Here's the breakdown:
   25k = 15.5 miles
   10k = 6.2 miles
    5k = 3.1 miles
If you are walking at a leisurely pace, the 5k community walk will take you about an hour.

Here's some tips for race day:

Parking at the Fifth Third River Bank Run:
Here's my favorite spot to park, near the arena. (Watch for construction this year however around the Arena). To get there, take 131 and get off at the downtown exit.  The bottom line is, you need to get there early. One reason for this is the first race starts at 7:00am.  So if you are driving around downtown trying to find a spot at 7:15am, then many of the streets will already be closed.  Yes, this happened to me, and I ended up turning down a street that had runners on it.  The police weren't too happy with me needless to say.  Here's a map of my favorite parking spots. Click to make it bigger.
Restrooms before you race: two words: huge line. Thankfully the lines go quickly but you don't want to be in the restroom line while the start gun sounds! Get there early. I usually allow myself 20 minutes to get through the line.

What to wear : the very best thing you can do is dress is layers. When you arrive, it will be chilly, but if you're like me, you quickly warm up. It's best to either tie the extra layer around your waist, or have a friend planted at mile 6 (which is Johnson Park) to take it from you. S3 on this map:  Some people even wear an extra layer and simply leave it at the side of the road.  If it's raining consider wearing a garbage bag.  Odd, but it works.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Book Review - The Language of Flowers

One of my favorite books is The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.
The main character in the book is a foster child, Victoria, who ages out of the foster care system at the age of 18 and for a time is homeless.  She gets a job arranging flowers and uses the flowers to communicate when she herself cannot.

The language of flowers, sometimes called floriography, was a Victorian-era means of communication in which various flowers and floral arrangements were used to send coded messages, allowing individuals to express feelings which otherwise could not be spoken. 
Youtube intro about the book:

Although floriography is not used today, red roses still imply romantic love and pink roses a lesser affection; white roses suggest virtue and innoscence; and yellow roses still stand for friendship or devotion.

Buy it here in Paperback or Kindle:
This book is "rated PG-13".

Sunday, April 19, 2015

7 Reasons You Need to Eat More Eggs

7 reasons why you should eat more eggs
On the weekend I have more time to make breakfast and that's when I like to cook eggs.  Seeing that my girls make 5 or 6 eggs every day, my frig is always full of them.

Here's an article about all the benefits of eating fresh, farm raised eggs.  Click here. for the original article which is reproduced below.

7 Reasons You Need To Eat More Eggs - Eggs—the most perfect food on Earth?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Eggs are beautiful....

My girls made these today!

Gazelle Girl - Half Marathon - and tips for beginner runners

Tomorrow is the annual Gazelle Girl half marathon race. That's 13 miles.  There's also a 5k race, which is only 3 miles.

Several of my friends are pacers for this race, which means they will run an even 12 or 13 minute mile, depending on what pace they signed up for.  To be a pacer, you must be in good athletic shape to be able to run the entire distance at the pace you signed up for, and you need to be carefully looking at your GPS watch during the race to keep everyone on pace.

I'm proud of my friends for training hard over the cold months to be able to run the half marathon!

If you've ever wanted to start running, I recommend the "Couch to 5K" program.  That's how I started running.  Basically it's a podcast you listen to on your ipod or phone, and you run along with it.  Each program is about 30 minutes long, and in the first one you run for 1 minute, then walk for 2 minutes, repeat.  The podcast MC guides you and tells you when to start running and when to stop, along with cool music.  The Couch to 5K program works very well to train you to run - if you follow it.  Complete details on the program are available here.

Mini Brownie Fruit Pizzas with Cream Cheese Frosting

I love fruit pizza.  My friend Vickie makes a traditional one with a sugar cookie base, creamy frosting and assorted fruit.  I LOVE it!  When we have parties, she sometimes makes a double batch - so there's always some extra to eat the next day.  Here's a twist using a brownie base instead of a sugar cookie.  It looks so good!

Mini Brownie Fruit Pizzas with Cream Cheese Frosting

Friday, April 17, 2015

Awesome Mother's Day Gifts

Here's a few of my favorites: 1. mini lavender trees405416-610x610-1369085133-primary lavender treeThese are available here.

2.  cute coffee mugs il_570xN.586997838_gnql slide_415796_5282472_free These are available at:
ETSY - thanks
ETSY - connection

Exams are done!

Today is my first free day. Law school exams for me ended yesterday which means I have several weeks now with no classes, no reading and no homework!  Surprisingly, I find myself wanting to immediately start working on reading and assignments for next term. I guess good habits die hard. 

Anyway, here’s a test of your Secured Transactions knowledge:

On June 1, Bank One perfected a security interest in Debtor’s inventory by properly filing a financing statement stating that it had a security interest in all of Debtor’s inventory. On July 1, Bank Two perfected a security interest in Debtor’s accounts by properly filing a financing statement stating that it had a security interest in all of Debtor’s accounts. On August 1, Debtor sold some of its inventory to Buyer in the ordinary course of business. Buyer’s payment for the inventory was due on September 1. On August 15, Debtor defaulted on both of its loans from Bank One and Bank Two. Which of the banks has priority to the amount payable by Buyer (an “account”)?

A. Bank One, because it filed its financing statement before Bank Two did.
B. Bank Two, because Bank One did not have a security interest in Debtor’s accounts.
C. Bank Two, because Bank One’s financing statement did not reference any of Debtor’s accounts as collateral, only Debtor’s inventory.
D. Neither, because Buyer bought the inventory in the ordinary course of business.

         ....*HINT*.... it's a proceeds question.

 Correct Answer is A. law-school-exam111

Pansies and Mourning Doves


Spring is my favorite season, followed shortly behind by summer. I love the birds singing, the brown being replaced by green. I love the sunshine, the warmer temperatures. I love life coming up from the gray.
Two years ago, we were blessed with the opportunity to see a pair of mourning doves nesting in a hanging flower basket on our front porch. They had two little babies and it was neat to see them taking turns sitting on the nest and feeding them. After the first batch of babies fledged, the pair went to our deck and successfully raised another set of babies in a deck planter. I am hoping to have this happen again, so I made sure to get a new hanging basket up right away. Pansies are frost hearty plants that thrive in the cooler temperatures of spring.
          I got this basket from Country Harvest Greenhouse and the blooms are so pretty! 993531_10151626691732510_242646452_n
One of my favorite movies is The Bucket List which came out in 2007. Bucket_list_poster The_Bucket_List_3 the-bucket-list (1) Edward, played by Jack Nicholson, is in the hospital with terminal lung cancer. He is a four-time divorced health-care tycoon, depressed - with no family or friends visiting him.  His roommate in the hospital is Carter, played by Morgan Freeman, also with only a short time to live. Carter is writing his Bucket List (things to do before he kicks the bucket) and evaluating his life.  Carter tells Edward there is still life to live and whatever he wanted to do in his life he should do now. The pair get out of the hospital and.... I won't tell you how the movie ends in case you haven't seen it.  I love the adventures.  I love the travels.  But this movie tugs at your heart strings too with powerful life lessons.

What's on your bucket list? A few of mine (in no order):
1. run a marathon - and make my first marathon be someplace cool - like Paris.
2. see the Great Wall of China.
3.  grow a bonsai tree Get it at Amazon:  The Bucket Listsummer-bucket-list-2013

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